About Us

ERGOO is a young innovative company, which after 2 years of development and research work originated. We have developed a space-saving toilet system which offers solutions for small and large bathrooms. Until now you could not imagine a toilet behind a door, we have made that possible. It was unimaginable that we could use the shower room for a toilet, we made it possible. A double function, in this case where saving space in the bathroom is important. In short, "big solution for a small bathroom". Space saving in bathroom is now easy. New possibilities for planning a small bathroom. Our product allows architects, interior architects and builders to find new ways in their works to design a small bathroom and save space. We have also developed our system and also make it possible to save space in shipbuilding and new ways to save space or to make optimum use of space in the wet cells. Also in the motorhome / caravan market, we are the right contact when it comes to saving space in the bathroom. Our researches continues. Currently we are working on a solution for airplanes. The knowledge of our strengths and values gives us confidence in our work. We are a dynamic and strong team. Our secret lies in the passion for our work. We attach great importance to quality, innovation, research and development. Our patented products are widely recognized and demanded worldwide.